• About Us

    Bright Sun Naturals is a family-owned company created in 2010.

    Bright Sun Naturals  is born from its owner’s passion for naturals; A passion for naturals that gets its roots in the warm tropical sun and the luxurious nature where the strong scent of rain and sun battered medicinal plants, fruits and spices made their magic in Colette’s garden.

    Our line of naturals personal care shares with you these delights of a bright sun and some sweet memories of scents from childhood.


    Colette’s knowledge of plants and herbs, of Aromatherapy, and her sense of caring and pampering, but also of counseling people, make her an advocate of Health and Wellness through a holistic approach. This has inspired her to open a health and wellness spa services, Auntie Codie, connected to this website.

    “I grew up in the tropics, where using natural ingredients is the norm. I remember my mother mixing honey with bitter orange to make her own recipe for our hair products or using the natural juice of watermelon to refresh our skin; or curing our illnesses with teas from medicinal plants from our garden. I have taken her knowledge and developed a line of products named for the feelings of my childhood. I continue to take the recipes I learned as a child from my mother and now I share them with you.”
    From our house to yours.
    Colette ……



    Organic Sweet Almond Oil

    We use almond oil for its extremely nourishing and excellent emollient properties.  It helps soften, lubricate ad re-condition your lips.  It is rich in proteins, and Vitamin D.


    Organic Shea

    Sourced from Africa, our organic Shea butter is used as an emollient, and humectant. It helps retain moisture.


    Castor oil

    The cold pressed Castor Oil penetrates deep into the skin; it helps with skin disorders: sunburns, cuts, abrasions and the like.



    Brings the sweet and creamy aroma of vanilla without adding any sweetness.



    The blend of Orange activates the circulation in the scalp while soothing irritated scalps. It helps strengthen and thicken the hair shaft and facilitates growth.


    Aloe Vera

    Sourced from the Caribbean.We use Aloe Vera to help remove the excess sebum on scalp, facilitate blood circulation and growth.   Aloe also helps moisturize, condition, restore luster and shine.  Hair is left softer.


    Olive oil

    Contains vitamin A and E, antioxidants.  Helps moisturize and repair hair. It also helps with dandruff control.